Our Carpet Installation Process

At Steven R. Marshall, we keep things straight forward.

We’re there with you every step of the way, and below are our favorite parts about what makes our install process special.

Carpet installer preparing tools

Free In-Person Estimates

Nothing beats seeing the room with our own eyes and walking the floor ourselves, which is why our estimates are always in person and always free.

Plus, we like to meet our customers face to face and address the specific needs of your job up front. As should always be the case, there’s no charge and no obligation. We let the bid and our previous clients speak for us.

We’re happy to offer recommendations and guidance about what to buy and where.

And once you’ve made your decision, we take over from there!


Our Complete Package

After your carpet is ordered, we aim to make your life easy:

  • Your carpet will be picked up and delivered by us the day of the install—no need to move or store it yourself. 
  • We remove and dispose of the old carpet, underpadding, and other materials. (That mess is our job, not yours!)
  • If unforeseen issues pop up during the job, we’re ready with solutions and recommendations. 


Carpet installer preparing tools

Power-Stretched Carpet

Unlike other carpet installers, we use a modern Power Stretcher to get your carpet taught and in place.

A power-stretched carpet is wrinkle free and protected from visible and invisible damage that can occur with older methods.

Insider Tip: Carpet installers without a power stretcher often use the knee kicker in its place, which can cause long term damage to the carpet and may rip it during the install. 


While sometimes necessary, make sure your installer isn’t exclusively using a knee kicker to stretch your carpet into place. 


Cleaned and Detailed

For you, it’s not a jobsite.

So we don’t treat it like one either. From start to finish, our carpet installers bring professionalism that you expect but rarely find.

And when the install is done, we get to work making every detail perfect. The room will be cleaned, vacuumed, and double checked.

At the end of it all, we’re only happy if you are.


Carpet installer preparing tools

Not opposed to a free quote?

Getting information into your hands is important to us, which is why our consultation is free.

And we won’t hassle you with followup calls or endless emails. Once our quote is in your hands, we leave it to you to decide.

Like we said, we like to keep things straightforward.